Archive map

We are happy to announce that the Archive Map introduction and its corresponding chapters on Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq can now be downloaded from this section of the website.

Born out of the Speak Memory symposium, the “Archive Map” research project seeks to create a growing database of archival collections and other resources that contain material relevant to the Middle East’s modern and contemporary art history. The “Archive Map” is currently limited to four countries: Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. These countries have been selected because of their rich modern and contemporary art history and also because of our working relationship with several researchers that have been exploring archival collections in these countries. Lead researchers include Clare Davies for Egypt, Anneka Lenssen for Syria, Sarah Rogers for Lebanon and Saleem Al-Bahloly for Iraq.
In addition, the “Archive Map” focuses on archival collections (whether state-owned or independent) that are open or accessible (at least seemingly) to the public. We have deliberately decided to exclude private collections from this research to avoid an intensification of the purchase and export of privately held archives in the Middle East.

As pointed out by all four researchers in their respective chapters of the Archive Map, each chapter is merely a starting point, a first step towards a more comprehensive overview of each country’s research resources. We encourage other researchers to contact us at laura@speakmemory.org to add information about the listed archives or resources and/or share any additional resources they know, so that the Archive Map can continue to grow and serve as a valuable and updated resource for researchers.

The Archive Map wouldn’t have been possible without the generous support of the Bohen Foundation, the Prince Claus Fund, and Arts Collaboratory

- Introduction (download here)
- Archive Map Chapter on Egypt (download here)
- Archive Map Chapter on Syria (download here)
- Archive Map Chapter on Lebanon (download here)
- Archive Map Chapter on Iraq (download here)